Square Plastic Grilles

Airtec Series MV Ceiling Diffusers and Grilles

Unique plastic ceiling diffusers which incorporate an integral ceiling box. Quick tear off bands allow for easy size changes and swinging clips for fastening to the ceiling.

From $35.10

Airtec Series MVA Retro Ceiling Diffusers and Grilles

Plastic ceiling diffusers with an integral ceiling box. Quick tear off bands for easy size changes. Simulated cast iron grille offers an upsale look for premium installations.

From $46.40

HaVACo 12x12 Inch Square Plastic Ceiling Diffusers With Boot

Square 12 inch plastic ceiling diffusers. Capital Crown and lower profile models. With quick connect 8/7/6 reducing boot.

From $25.20

Airtec Series GR and GRD Low Clearance Ceiling Grilles - No Boot

Grille only or grille with damper for limited clearance side or top entry applications. Plastic construction.

Airtec TuffBox quick rough-in polymer register box for HVAC systems

Rough-in polymer register/ grille box. Tuffbox is virtually air tight, delivering 100% of the air flowing through it. Use with any standard grille.

From $15.90

Airtec Rough In Flanges For New Construction

Designed for new construction, the RCF flashing can be fastened directly to rough framing. Made from durable stainless steel.

From $7.60

Airtec 24 Inch O/C Drop Ceiling Flange

Designed to increase strength and performance for lay-in type ceilings. The DCF transfers weight onto the T-Bars to prevent tiles from sagging over time.

From $8.40