Airtec TuffBox quick rough-in polymer register box for HVAC systems


Constructed with the patented tear away boot design the TuffBox is the way to go when installing a register box.

Molded from polymers the adaptable one piece boot design of the TuffBox is flexible enough to conform to drywall backing eliminating leakage between grille and box. Standoffs of 5/8" provide the correct depth to accomodate strapping or furring used with drywall. If those won't work for you simply screw from the inside to anywhere in the framing, the TuffBox can take it!

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MH Airtec 8x8 register box. 6,7,8 inch collars. [81968] 1 Day. In-stock $12.20
MHL Airtec 10x10 register box. 8,9,10 inch collars. [81970] 1 Day. In-stock $14.90
MHS Airtec 6x6 register box. 4,5,6 inch collars. [81966] 1 Day. In-stock $10.60
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