AirScape DesignShape Custom Flat Grilles - Rectangular With Craftsman Pattern

AirScape DesignShape grilles
take our custom flat grilles to a whole new level. Not only can you select the size and a variety of patterns, but you can also change the scaling, border, screw hole quantity and locations!

  • 1/8" Aluminium, Textured ABS (3 mm), Black Acrylic (3 mm) or GeoTone (5 mm colored MDF), 1/4" Bamboo Ply
  • Rectangular or round shape options
  • Powder coating and grained finish available for Aluminimum
  • No recessed flange flat design
  • Custom GeoTone (colored MDF) and Acrylic colors are available (min order applies)

Perforated grilles, as this grille style is typically known, can be for interior or exterior use in residential, commercial, industrial, retail, educational and healthcare applications.  They are flat and do not have a recessed flange.  The size you select is the exact outer size of the grille with no undercut.

The grilles are usually built in 1 week. Add 2 weeks for powder coating, if required.  If you need it quicker (yes, we can do it quicker!) or have additional requests call us at 877-711-4822.

Adjust Grille Parameters
  See the grille change below! Selections:

Pricing and Model#
Note: AirScape custom grilles are made-to-order. They are NON-RETURNABLE.

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  Sandard material options.  Click any image below to enlarge it.  Roll over for description.


  Additional material options:

  • 5mm GeoTone also available in Blue, Green, Red, Yellow and Orange colors. 
  • 10 mm GeoTone available in Black, Grey, Berry, Curry, Royal, Terra and Sand Grey. 

All not standard thickness and colors require 8 weeks additional for material sourcing and a substantial minimum order.  Please call us with any questions and requests.

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