SteelCrest Custom Cabinet Window and Door Inserts

Add that elegant touch to your home with the Steelcrest large selection of stylish cabinet, door, and window inserts. Custom made to your exact specifications, these beautiful inserts can be used to enhance any opening. Powder coated in standard 1/8-inch thick steel or stainless steel.

Inserts, which are typically offered in their exclusive "expanded" design to allow better visual appearance through doors and windows, are also available in a standard tighter HVAC designs as well. Often SteelCrest design team works closely with a projects architect or designer to custom-create a one-of-a-kind pattern to exactly match a particular project's decor. Please call us at 877-711-4822 if you have question about how the EXPANDED design will look.

6 WEEK STANDARD PRODUCTION.  Expedited production is currently NOT available due to Thanksgiving and the December Holidays.

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Note: SteelCrest products are made-to-order. They are NON-RETURNABLE. If you have questions, please call us at 877-711-4822 before ordering.